Womane making men lick cum

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I have never asked a guy to do that, but i’ve had a few that did do it. But how did you react? The idea of happily lapping up my own phlegm really puts me off my cornflakes. Swallowing quickly and drinking a little juice after seems to work great most of the time.

Do girls like it if a guy can/will eat his own cum?[sex techniques] : sex27 things men need to hurry up and learn about having sex with women | metro news

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Ladies, do you like when a man isnt afraid of his own cum? : sexHow to swallow cum with ease - 5 simple stepsUrban dictionary: eating outWomane making men lick cum.Heres what really happens to your body when you swallow semen

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I used to not care, but lately i love it. Oh my gosh yes. If she transitions straight from going down to kissing (without swallowing), or if a guy finishes inside her but she doesn’t climax (and lets face it that problem isn’t exactly rare) and he transitions to oral, or if he finishes on her face or back and she really wants to get it off (and towels aren’t really a turn on).