Two woman peeing together

Dutch sexism outcry after woman fined for peeing in public - bbc news

Amsterdam’s city council said there had never been any policy on public toilets. This is a golden opportunity to learn some pretty cool facts. It’s called parauresis, and it’s characterized by an inability to pee when other people are around. I just put my feet over my head, angling my penis over my mouth or body, and pee away. Sometimes, locks are broken. If you can’t pass the stone, it might stop the flow of urine, which can boost your chances of infection. Desperation is where you have to pee, but you hold it until either you wet yourself, or give up and go to the bathroom.

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Squirting may just be peeing for women who orgasm: is female ejaculation real?31 things you should definitely know about pee

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If you see anything other than yellow (or if you see consistently bright yellow even if you drink a ton of water), it’s a good idea to call your doctor. The feeling of finally letting it go after holding for a long time is orgasmic. If it feels “ick” then it’s probably not for you.