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Thank you for addressing the topic. In toronto? thank you. I had it done after my daughter stopped breastfeeding. I am certainly not comparing myself to someone born with a deformity of any kind, but when you never develop breast tissue and have the chest of a pre-pubescent child, you do feel like “something is missing” and it’s not because of the media.

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There were no side effects, and i needed to take rest for only a week. Excellent blog post doll! i did my boob job recently (i am 27) i found it quite hard finding a bra after my breast augmentation that fits my slender curvy petite physique with very large breast cup size f to g! i had a look at all of these brands doing dd+ bras such as curvy kate, freya, panache but the fit was not quite right for my proportions. Silicone now is becoming the implant of choice, more and more, in the united states.

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