My puppy keeps peeing in her crate

Why does my puppy keep peeing in his crate? - quora

However he frequently is peeing in his crate at night. So you can learn everything you need to know to help your pup keep his crate clean overnight. At first i got up at night every time he barked, which was about 2-3 times a night. If your training is not fun and effective, or if you need additional help, then please. This may take several minutes. One day we decided to just try leaving him at home unconfined. The more it happens in his bed, the worse things are going to get.

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Acclimation to his crate

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Step 1: rule out medical issues

A maltese mix whose previous owner had alzheimer’s. On crate training, general housebreaking, separation anxiety and more. If he pees, thoroughly clean the crate right away.

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