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American: american is a creamy, smooth cheese made from blending natural cheeses. Not standardised – even wholemilk can have some cream removed, our milk contains all the cream from when we milk our cows. Since it melts well, it can be used in sandwiches, on cheeseburgers and more. Not homogenised, not standardised, our milk is simply pasteurised and bottled ensuring that you get the full flavour and rich creamy texture of mossfield milk. Brie: brie is a soft, white cheese. This is allowed under eu legislation (directive 2000/13/ec, article 6(2)(b)). From sixteen weeks on we taste our young cheese.

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While it is hard to find conclusive evidence that homogenisation contributes to health problems, common sense would suggest that altering the physical structure of milk for largely cosmetic purposes is best avoided. The cheese, which softens with age, goes well with dark rye bread and onion. Pawg marcy diamond in the bath tub spreading that huge ass.