Male orgasm coma

The big o: 10 facts about orgasms that will blow your mind

A must read article for both sexes. In other words, our evolutionary past had programmed women to seek sex with different men in short succession, and have their sperm compete intra-vaginally for the right of paternity. More time for netflix! Weekday parent must do the mundane chores, most of the housework, and needs child-friendly (more expensive) accommodation. Her mother used to “joke” about “once a month whether he needs it or not”, and eventually i determined that this really was the strategy. Reddit and the alien logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Bitch looks like velma dinkly crossbred with a piece of asparagus and has deflated whoopie cushions for tits to boot – how does life get any worse? becomming a communal sex toy for the ymca.

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Conflict of interests

I’m curious though, did you try talking to him when you first felt “dead” sexually? did you tell him that you love his chivalry but hate that he doesn’t excite you sexually? i wonder if he could have changed his behavior and re-ignited things for you. And so the mind thoughts of a typical self centered male user.