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Is griffin always kind of a dick to the travis and justin? : mbmbam

If your browser doesn’t ask you, try these steps: I feel this way too, and it kind of makes me feel bad sometimes because when griffin says something particularly snappy or rude to travis (because let’s be real, it’s mostly travis that gets thrown the snappy/mean jokes) i end up feeling bad for travis. That would the poddy award for ‘weirdest vibe during and after a podcast’ every year. I think a lot of it is griffin doing an “angry” character in order to play the straight man to something weird that travis does, because travis love playing the funny man by saying some odd shit. Meanwhile, the actor is stripped down to the bare minimum (only a small towel covering his business) with bronzed, glowing skin and bulging muscles. Never shopping dicks again. The friendly helper that was shadowing me was very enthusiastic but unfortunately didn’t have many practical answers.

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There are aspects of all three of them that i’m pretty sure i would find more annoying if the other two weren’t there :p. Lazy sunday” was lonely island’s first big digital short. I feel like since they are family, they know each other more than we see, i can’t imagine them taking anything personally (also i’m actually relistening to that jeanomorph episode rn).