Girl has super orgasm

The truth about the super orgasm - and what happened when i tried to have one

Passwords are case sensitive. That’s basically an hour-long orgasm! and to think i thought three or four consecutive orgasms was a lot. In this spirit, i decided to give it a go myself and attempt to super-orgasm. The dildo going in and out does not cause orgasm – the sttmulation of the clit by her fingers causes the orgasm. (photo: channel 4). Love the shower sceen.

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How to give her multiple orgasmsSuper orgasm - strange sex | tlc

Go the distance

All women are able to have super orgasms where they climax 100 times, say scientists | metro newsSome women have super orgasms and can climax more than 100 times in a row, because life isnt fair - maximWhat is a super orgasm and how can some women climax over 100 times?Girl has super orgasm.


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