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When eating flaxseeds, make sure to drink an ample amount of water for smooth digestion. We’ve received your submission. I recently gave birth, and i wasn’t prepared for the startling, completely unforeseen aftermath of misadventure that my body has become. You can also eat a handful of cranberries every day to take in those healthy acid compounds. It might also boost your session in the sack: a study published in the. Utis occur when bad bacteria, or sometimes fungi or viruses, invades the urethra, the slim tube by the opening of the vagina, or bladder. And may contribute to levels of moisture or dryness.

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They are sometimes added to yogurts and available in supplements. If you haven’t been feeling the heat lately, you might want to hit the candy store. Make no mistake: although this came from a moment of utter despair, it was what i wanted.

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