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The race in which only one sperm cell will make it to the finish line, and win the competition. Therefore it is critical that sperm get to the right place in the fallopian tube before the egg arrives. To make their way down a fallopian tube toward an ovary that isn’t going to release an egg would be a wasted journey! thankfully, to increase the odds of sperm getting it right, the woman’s body comes to the rescue. Men have the capacity to store many billions of sperm, but if sperm are stored for too long, then they can start to degenerate and die.

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What happens to sperm inside a woman

Sperms journey to the egg - how sperm meets egg with picturesEgg journey sperm.

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Also, there are more of the intricate labyrinths of tubes and nurse cells that are critical for the production of sperm. However, for the successful sperm, there is one more hurdle left: how to get inside the egg once it reaches the egg surface.