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In either case, the core is foamed in place with high-density cfc-free urethane foam. These hinges are incredibly popular within the hospitality industry for hotel and restaurant kitchen doors as the double swing action created by the hinge makes passing through the door much easier. Machined fixings, post treated springs & precision engineered panels are standard on all doors. These doors come in twenty different colors and are coated in high impact thermoplastic to keep the doors looking great, even after years of heavy use. The door closes behind the traffic, minimizing the loss of refrigerated air or the infiltration of warm air into the cooler, freezer, or processing area.

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Potential qualifying materials include foam core doors filled with reactive foam that chemically formulates with a non ozone depletion potential, non global warming potential, and volatile organic compound-exempt blowing agent; green adhesives for flush windows, and zero emitting adhesives in the manufacturing process. Double acting doors are well suited for use in supermarkets as they open and close easily and are built to take the abuse present in sales to stockroom applications.

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