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And involves him in the struggle to remove the usurper and reestablish the proper order of the kingdom. All stories contain four elements that can determine structure: milieu, idea, character and event. Haunted by the painful memory of loss in a hypocritical society which uses religion to promote hatred and violence, binta experiences a primal desire to save her lover from a life of crime. A recent arrival in the city himself, martin straddles the rural and urban divide: his visions of life are often seen through the side-mirror, peering into a past that he lived in the village.

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Best old domination novels.

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But is it love or the quest for redemption that emboldens her to listen to her heart for once? a combination of both, maybe? Against a backdrop of tragic family histories brought about by ruthless politicking and religious extremism, binta, a devout middle-aged muslim widow, and reza, a young weed-smoking gangster, begin an illicit affair. These are not character stories.